Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I'm not sure how long yet, but I will be absent from my blog (again). Reason being, about a year ago, my dear friend Eirian got me onto a book called 'Neon Pilgrim' by Lisa Dempster, it was about her experience and time on the Shikoku Pilgrimage, an 88 temple pilgrimage on the island of Shikoku in Japan. It is an awesome read, so much so that I read another book 'Japanese Pilgrimage' by Oliver Statler and researched and read a heap of blogs and websites on it, and now, this Thursday April 28, I'm heading to Japan with my brother (who also read the book) to attempt the 1200km walking pilgrimage! Eep! I don't think we'll have much access to the internet while we're there, so updating along the way most likely won't happen. BUT! I will posts pictures and stories when I get back. 

If you're interested in finding out more about the trail, check out David Moreton's site for info and links to other books and to buy maps and guide books, this site (for comprehensive info/tips/history/you name it, it has it, on the trail) by Dave Turkington, who at the moment is on his sixth trip there and guiding someone who is collecting info for a documentary on the pilgrimage. OR/ if you type 'Shikoku Pilgrimage' in google, you'll find a few blogs of others who have completed the trail. I'm extremely excited, a teeny tiny bit nervous, but pretty much just excited. I hope you all stay well and I'll see/blog you when I get back! 

Random image: Me, Shan & Joel eating calippos, looking at the 3 little (scary-looking) pigs... OR IS IT, 3 little pigs looking at 3 little (scary-tracksuit-sporting) children? You can decide.